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Christians Caring for our Native Brothers & Sisters


Welcome to Healing Wounds!  You have taken your first step towards making a difference in the world!  Healing Wounds is a Christian non-profit organization designed to help care for the Native Populations and repair the harms that have happened over the years and during the time of the boarding schools.  Healing Wounds is based on the scripture shared by Christ when he said, "If thy brother hath ought against thee, leave thy gift at the altar and first be reconciled to thy brother."  

In Christ's statement we recognize the responsibility that we have as Christians, and as representatives of Christ, to work towards repairing the damages that have been created towards the Native populations. There is an understanding that in this care for others who are in need that we are fulfilling Christ's words when he said, "Whatsoever ye have done unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done unto me."  

Healing Wounds Ministry

A single bison is seen at Bear Butte State Park representing the food that once made up the greater portion of the Dakota Natives diet.

The Healing Wounds Ministry is unique in that our goal is not to convert the Native populations to Christianity.  In this way Healing Wounds Ministry is non-proselytizing among the Native populations.  Rather the Healing Wounds Ministry's goal is to look inward, understand how we have arrived at the place we are that have created such harms, seek to learn and live the gospel of Christ through prayer and scripture reading and orient ourselves towards living the gospel of Christ through deed and action.  Our ministry then helps teach ourselves how to be better Christians and exemplify the gospel of Christ as we become the warmth and the light of the gospel. This warmth and light then radiates out towards those that are in need of our help and assistance which in this case is for the Native populations.

Healing Wounds Outreach


The Healing Wounds Outreach helps to repair the harms created primarily through donations.  This healing work is done in four ways which are called the four pillars:

1) Language Revitalization: Healing Wounds works with organizations within the Native communities that are working towards helping the Native population learn and retain their languages.  There are many Native tribes that only have one elder who speaks their language.  Your donation helps the tribes to be able to race against the clock in finding ways to gather, collect and distribute information about their languages so that their language is retained in their tribes.  

2) Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation: Due to European influence drugs and alcohol has become commonplace among the reservations and the Native populations.  Many Natives have turned to alcohol and drugs as a way of coping with the harms that have been created throughout the years.  Your donation has the ability to help promote programs within the reservations and Native populations to help them to get off of these addictive drugs and alcohol.

3) Food, Shelter and Clothing: Many Natives are lacking in their basic needs for food, shelter and clothing.  Due to the reservations distance from cities and due to discrimination many in the Native population have a challenge finding work that will allow them to sustain themselves.  Instead they become dependent on others to help with providing their basic needs for survival.  Your donation has the ability to help those in the Native population have adequate housing, food and clothing for themselves.  

4) Land Access: Through the years there have been policies that have been created that have slowly depleted the Natives ability to access and retain land in their families.  It is even a struggle for the Native population to have access to land for their basic hunting and fishing rights.  We wish to be able to ensure that the Native populations have the ability to have access to Mother Earth for their own personal sustenance and for the ability to have access to their land on the reservations as promised in their treaties.  

Your contribution to Healing Wounds and your desire to learn how to be a better steward of the gospel of Christ have the ability to make a marked difference in the world.  It is the basic premise as described in Christ's words when asked the question: "Master, which is the great commandment in the law?" and Jesus responded "Thout shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy hearts, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.  On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." 

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