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Let's Make A Change

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$50 Donation

For a $50 Donation you can learn about what Native tribes lived in your area which you are supporting.  Learn a little bit about their culture, their histories and where they are today including what challenges they are facing today.  You also will find out what treaty was enacted in that region with the ability even to read the treaty itself!

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$100 Donation

For a $100 Donation you will receive your own hand-carved Pipestone Cross.  Pipestone has been an important stone to the Native communities for centuries.  For this reason this Pipestone Cross only has the ability to be passed onto those who wish to support the Native Communities.  In addition, the Cross itself is a reminder of the example that Christ gave during his life to care for those who are in need.  Your donation then not only supports the Native craft of Pipestone carving but also is emblematic of living the gospel of Christ.  

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Other Donations

All donations help support the Native populations and helping the mission of Healing Wounds move forward.  Please feel free to choose the program you wish to donate to and for whatever amount feels comfortable for you.  Thank you!

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