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Code of Ethics

Healing Wounds is a Christian-based organization recognizing the harms that have been created using the name of Jesus Christ as a way of justifying harms that have been committed.  In this Healing Wounds wishes to create an ethical orientation towards healing these wounds based on the scriptures of the gospel.  Healing Wounds encourages a personal relationship with Christ, love towards our fellow man and teaching in churches that follow the principles and laws of the gospel of Christ.  Our code of ethics is as follows:

1) We encourage personal study of scriptures and personal prayer to build a personal relationship with God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. 

2) We encourage participation in your local church to build further faith in Christ and connection with others.  

3) We encourage ethical behavior that encourages a positive connection between each other.

4) We value God first and love of our neighbor next as outlined by Christ in the scriptures (Matthew 22:37-40).

5) We value evidence-based truth as a teaching tool to showcase the wrongs of the past so that we can learn and make alternative decisions for the future.

6) We understand harms that we impose on others we impose on Christ himself, good done to others as good done to Christ himself for "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me (Matthew 25:40)." 

7) We understand that we will be judged by how we have chosen to live our lives and based on our treatment of our fellow man (Matthew 7:2).

8) We believe in repentance and remission of sin, namely:

  • First, we recognize our sins, admit that we have committed wrongs

  • Second, we feel sorrow for the wrongs that we have committed

  • Third, we confess and forsake our sins

  • Fourth, we make restitution for the wrongs we have committed.  We understand the scripture, "If thy brother  hath ought against thee, leave thy gift at thy altar and first be reconciled unto thy brother."

  • Fifth, we forgive others understanding that the forgiveness we offer others is the same forgiveness we will be given

  • Sixth, we are willing to recommit ourselves to Christ, learn his precepts and commandments as written in the scriptures and be willing to do them.  

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