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Healing Wounds Headquarters

The Overview


Healing Wounds Ministry is situated on 22 acres of absolutely beautiful land!  In addition to our online presence, those that are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area have the 

ability to participate in classes and 

activities to learn about some of the

Native traditions and arts and crafts.


A look at the Healing Wounds Home 'backyard'.  These trees are the location where the campsites will be available for use and with donation.  

Healing Wounds Ministry is also adding campsites, a community fire and an orchard as well.  All donations and class income will help to support Native-led organizations.

The Campsites


In this picture you can see the campsites that are available on the Healing Wounds Ministry's land.  These campsites help a person to draw closer to nature and have the ability to see some incredible views!  All campsites are on a tree deck with hammock hooks and places to hook up your tent as well.  All donations for these sites go towards helping to heal the wounds with the Native populations.


The Orchard

A look at the campsites that will be available on the land.  Please feel free to see our site to look at ways of being able to help build these beautiful locations!

Fruit Tree Orchard.jpg


The Healing Wounds Ministry orchard provides food for the Native populations.  The food that is produced from these trees then is brought down to organizations that help the Natives in their community.  It also allows others to connect to these trees and learn how to nurture and grow fruit trees themselves.  

A look at the upcoming orchard on Healing Wounds Ministries land.

The Sugar Shack

Picture of Maple Trees.PNG


When temperatures reach above freezing in the day and below freezing at night it is time to be able to harvest maple syrup!  Enjoy spending time around the fire in the company with others as the maple syrup simmers and stews!  Learn about the histories of maple syrup making and how one has the ability to tap syrup themselves.  Spend time in the trees as the dawning of the new year begins.  Better yet, reserve a campsite so that you have the ability to spend the night overnight as well and enjoy your mini retreat in the woods.  


Above is the location of where the Sugar Shack will be tucked in the middle of these beautiful maple and oak trees.

The Prayer Tree


This weeping willow is the symbolic center of Healing Wounds Ministry.  This willow holds the tears and the prayers of many for the healing of these wounds.  On it one has the ability to lay rosaries, prayer ties or other items associated with prayers and healings.  One day in front of this weeping willow will be a black granite tombstone (which started this journey) which will read "In remembrance of the Native children who lost their lives at the boarding schools."  With it will be a statue of Mother Mary holding a child showing that all children's lives have value.   

Weeping Willow.jpg

A look at the Weeping Willow Prayer tree taken in the year 2023.  

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